Safari on the Aral Sea

A trip to the Aral Sea is unlike any seaside resort: incredible landscapes, sand-covered ships and traditional yurts. Discover the amazing nature and culture of Kazakhstan in a safari tour!
Echoes of history nearby: long-abandoned vessels left behind as the water rapidly receded.
Ship Cemetery
Surrounded by huge sand dunes and sand-covered villages, with fossils and white shells on the seafloor.
Excursion on the Sea Floor
Aromatic beshbarmak, kumis, and traditional tea in a yurt will bring you closer to the culture of the indigenous people of Kazakhstan.
Dinner in a Yurt
Underwater hunting in the salty Lake Kambash in the eastern part of the Aral region will leave no one indifferent.
Catfish Hunting
The Aral Sea is truly a wonder of the world. You won't see such landscapes in any seaside town.
Walk Along the Shore


  • Breakfast in Baikonur
  • Transfer to Aralsk
  • Walk along the shore of the Aral Sea
  • Visit to the local history museum
  • Visit to the salt production plant
  • Excursion on the sea floor
  • Visit to the ship cemetery
  • Underwater catfish hunting in Lake Kambash
  • Dinner in a traditional yurt
  • Traditional tea ceremony
  • Transfer to Baikonur

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