Meeting the Cosmonauts

Join an expedition to the landing site of the Soyuz MS-16 spacecraft's descent module. A unique opportunity to meet those who recently gazed at Earth from the window!
You will have the chance to talk and take photos with real modern heroes who have been to space.
Greeting the Cosmonauts
The Soyuz MS-16 right in front of you — a unique module that has just returned to Earth.
Inspection of the Descent Module
Tents, the endless starry sky, field kitchen, and the most interesting lectures about astronautics.
Overnight in the Stepp
Cosmonauts will descend to Earth directly from orbit! This spectacle will be unforgettable.
Observation of the Descent
Travel through the wild steppe in jeeps, explore the area, set up camp — feel like a real explorer.
Extreme Expedition


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