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Unforgettable tour to the Baikonur Cosmodrome

Full transfer, accommodation, meals, guides and translators, we provide everything you need!

Nearest launch in 2020

Come to launch theSoyuz 2carrier rocket with OneWeb satellites on board with the team of the best cosmodrome guidesFebruary 8, 2020

Attention! Acceptance of applications for the tour ends 30 days before the start.

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139 days 12 hours 49 minutes 0 seconds

Video tour

Our Tours

Choose the program that suits you individually!

Baikonur. Full program

Access to every highlight of the history.
6 days
$ 1 149*
$ 1 749* for non EAEU countries
$ 1 099* for unpiloted launches
* The price does not include the flight costs

VIP tour

For true connoisseurs of the history of astronautics. Visit to the closed spaceport facilities. Personal transfer and guide. All inclusive.
5 days
$ 3 999*
$ 5 599* for non EAEU countries
$ 3 699* for unpiloted launches
* The price does not include the flight costs

Tour to the Vostochny Cosmodrome

Get to the Vostochny Cosmodrome one of the first in 2020!
4 days
$ 1 549*
$ 1 549* for non EAEU countries
$ 1 549* for unpiloted launches

Baikonur. Short program

Spend three unforgettable days at the cosmodrome with the best guides of Baikonur
3 days
$ 899*
$ 1 449* for non EAEU countries
$ 799* for unpiloted launches
* The price does not include the flight costs

Baikonur. One day program

Want to see just the start? This is the best choice!
1 day
$ 569*
$ 799* for non EAEU countries
$ 499* for unpiloted launches
* The price does not include the flight costs

Nearest launches

Schedule of the next launches from the Baikonur Cosmodrome for 2019−20

August 20

The launch of Progress MS-15 on the ISS, a transport unmanned spacecraft, it carries cargo. Launching it into orbit helps the Soyuz launch vehicle.

Preliminary Date

October 14

Soyuz MS-17 flight to the international space station, planned and manned. During this flight, according to the plan, members of the ISS-64/65 expedition are delivered.

October 22

The launch of Progress MS-16 on the ISS, a transport unmanned spacecraft, it carries cargo. Launching it into orbit helps the Soyuz launch vehicle.

Preliminary Date

Activities outside Baikonur

Tours and activities outside the cosmodrome

Safari tour to the Aral Sea

We will show you the sea, which recently, almost disappeared from the face of the earth.

Why choose us?

We are a team of like-minded people, we believe that travel should be exciting, active and different. We will organize an unforgettable and unique tour to the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

  • Transfer-transfer!

    Transfer from the Airport, around the city, to venues and museums at the expense of the establishment
  • Pay as you want!

    We provide several convenient ways to pay for a tour to the Baikonur Cosmodrome
  • «At risk»!

    Only our organization allows you to monitor the launch of missiles from the closest safe points
  • Yum wow!

    Breakfast included in the price, the best hotel rooms, as our team book them first
  • Guides!

    We provide the most experienced guides living at the Baikonur Complex
  • Languages!

    Translation services
    from several popular languages ​​of the world
  • A responsibility!

    We are the most responsible tour team. We accept tourists, not send them
  • We are Baikonur!

    Our entire team lives in the Baikonur complex. We know the city and the sites from A to Z

Any questions? Ask them to us!

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    Perhaps this is the most unforgettable gift.

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    Registry number:РТО 021511
    Full company name:Limited Liability Company "SEM"

    Our clients' reviews

    This tour gave me the fulfillment of my old dream, so the impressions can only be the best. In addition, a very warm and sincere company was picked up. The final gatherings in the city park were no less pleasant than the main action.

    Oleg Saveliev
    Oleg Saveliev

    My old dream has come true! Thank you very much for the good organization, care, willingness to fulfill any of our wishes! 3 days were very full of events, emotions, information. The presence of Anatoly Pavlovich made our tour unusually interesting and truly cosmic!

    Stepanova Oksana
    Stepanova Oksana

    I liked the tour! Thank you for the pleasant human attitude and the willingness of the organizers to come to the rescue for any questions. It’s cool that the group had «their own» astronaut. Baikonur is beautiful and very interesting. I want to come again and see what we did not have time this time.

    Vasiliy Lomakin
    Vasiliy Lomakin

    He visited in August through the company of Vladimir at the launch of the «Union». I want to say: those who think that in his company long-established contacts are simply used are mistaken, and Vladimir rests on them and only collects money from tourists. The spaceport is a very fractional and complex structure, coordination at every stage, even that which has already been agreed upon long ago. At each checkpoint check-double-check. Vladimir was included in the 24/24 process to provide us (the group) with the best layout for visiting sites. Thanks to him, we watched the launch from the best point, and from the first row, and not where the bulk of the tourists crowded. And I also note an individual approach. For example, I wanted to swim in the evening after the ashes of the cosmodrome…

    Sergey Yakovlev
    Sergey Yakovlev

    I liked everything very much! Organization of events, accommodation, staff. We will recommend!

    Andrey Ivanov
    Andrey Ivanov

    My husband and I have long dreamed of visiting the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Thanks to Cosmo Travel, our dream has come true. We visited launch sites, in the museums of Baikonur, met the rocket, became direct spectators of the rocket installation on the Gagarin launch pad, we saw real cosmonauts who valiantly left for the ISS on July 20, 2019. That's the most important thing we could watch this magnificent spectacle, the launch of a rocket, live. Thank you very much for the excellent organization of our trip. We are still very impressed

    Svetlana Kostuk
    Svetlana Kostuk

    We were at the launch of the Soyuz MS-13 ship 07/20/2019
    A complete delight! Many thanks to the organizers of the tour, everywhere we had excellent guides and better planning for visiting places, so that we would not intersect with other groups. Everything was organized clearly and without delay! Super!

    Alexandr Kostuk
    Alexandr Kostuk

    Thank you very much for organizing a visit to Baikonur, it was very interesting and exciting. The rocket launch itself left an unforgettable experience. Will definitely repeat again?

    Zhanna Yurevna
    Zhanna Yurevna

    We were at the launch on July 20, we had incredible pleasure !!! We learned a lot of interesting things, managed to see everything and even more. Many excursions, really a lot))) thank you very much for the food (given that this is a problem in the city) — everything was delicious in the Khutorok cafe, fresh food))) we were very lucky that we watched the launch with your company! Thanks a lot!!!

    Ekaterina Sergeeva
    Ekaterina Sergeeva

      Our team

      All who make your trip unforgettable

      • Vladimir Kalinin
        Vladimir KalininCEO, Co-founder
      • Samat Paluanov
        Samat PaluanovCCO, Co-founder
      • Max Lebedev
        Max LebedevCMO, Co-founder
      • Vadim Mitkovets
        Vadim MitkovetsCSPO, Co-founder

      Frequently asked questions

      • What if the launch is canceled or postponed?

        If we know about this in advance, we will return the money. If we want you to have time to stay at the Cosmodrome, we will help you increase the capacity and duration of your stay, remember the return ticket if you want. The launch is organized by Roscosmos, so we are not responsible.

        We organize transfers, accommodation, breakfasts, sightseeing tours, following your safety. We agreed that our agreement was reached. It all depends on us.

      • Why can’t I buy tickets for a flight to Krainy and get it myself?

        Tickets for these flights to the Krainy are sold exclusively at the Roscosmos ticket office, they must be booked in advance by calling. Ticket sales are often stopped or the flight is excluded from the schedule altogether, without explaining the reason. In addition, tickets to Krainy cost much more than to Kyzylorda, even if you take into account the cost of the transfer. In our experience, it is better not to use flights to the Krainy.

      • Can Baikonur pay with Russian bank cards?

        Alas, it’s not always better to play it safe and take more cash with you. Baikonur is an enclave of Russia in Kazakhstan, so the city uses not only tenge, but also rubles.

      • What to take on a trip?

        Good mood, photo or video equipment, backpack, thermos. What to take with you from your clothes, we suggest before the tour.

      • Where do tourists live?

        In hotels "Sputnik", "Central". Hotels "7 winds", "Baikonur", "Berezhki" on request.

      • Can I see the abandoned «Buran»?

        The official program does not provide for this. If you are looking for extreme sports, no matter what, they will tell you routes on the Internet. But we do not recommend walking along them, it is dangerous because the condition of the building is in emergency.

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