Book your tour before time runs out.

Booking are accepted a month before the launch.
5 days
The tour to the Baikonur Cosmodrome is carried out in the following stages
1'st day
Meeting at the airport
Transfer to the city
Accommodation in hotels of the city
Dinner (not included in the price)
Free time

2'nd day
5.00 Breakfast
6.00 Transfer to the site 112
7.00 Observation of the removal of the ILV and its further verticalization
8.00 Transfer to the site 1
A visit to the monument
12.00 Transfer to the city
14.00 Lunch (not included in price)
15.00 Transfer to the city's cosmodrome history museum
15.10 A visit to the city's cosmodrome history museum
16.10 Sightseeing tour of the city
Free time
Dinner (not included in the price)

3'rd day
8.00 Breakfast
9.00 Transfer on the site 250A constr.60
10.00 Visiting the command center Energy Buran
11.00 Transfer on the site 2
11.10 A visit to the cosmodrome museum, OK Buran, memorial houses of S.P.Korolev and Yu.A.Gagarin
14.00 Lunch at the cosmodrome (not included in the price.)
15.00 Transfer to the site 31
15.30 Visiting the launch complex "Soyuz"
16.00 Transfer to the site 42
16.10 A visit to the «Zenith» launch complex
16.40 Transfer to the site 45
16.50 Visiting the ATC (inspection outside the buildings)
17.20 Transfer to the site 41
17.30 Visiting the memorial of the dead missile troops
18.00 Transfer to the site 23
18.30 Visit to the measuring center "Saturn"
19.00 Transfer to the city
Conference with an astronaut *
Dinner at (not included)

4'th day
Transfer to the site 17
Cosmonauts exit from the hotel cosmonaut
Transfer to the site 254
Observation of the cosmonaut report of the State Commission.
Transfer to the site 2
Waiting for the launch and buying souvenirs
Transfer to NP
Launch observation
Transfer to the city
Free time

5'th day
8.00 Breakfast
Leaving the rooms. Departure
Airport transfer
The cost of the program varies in the following intervals:
1 599 USD for adults
1 349 USD for children 7-18 years old
399 USD for children under 7 years old for the period of launch

For unmanned launches, the cost is 1 449, 1299 and 299 USD.
There are group discounts, for 3 or more people.
Students should have a note from their educational institution when applying for the tour.
It is possible to organize tours according to individual programs.

Specify details at the manager-operator, or ask questions by mail.
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