Book your tour before time runs out!

Bookings are accepted a month before the launch.
1 day program
I want a personal tour of the Baikonur Cosmodrome!

The tour includes the following aspects:
Full educational tour of the city of Baikonur.
Providing GUIDE.
Checking into a hotel.
Excursion to All Space Museums.
Full transfer to the locations of the tour.
Flexible schedule.
Photo and video reports.
Providing a route for personal exploration of the city.
Providing breakfast and lunch.
The cost of the program varies in the following intervals:
749 USD for all

For unmanned launches, the cost is 849, 599 and 99 USD.
There are group discounts, for 3 or more people.
Students should have a note from their educational institution when applying for the tour.
It is possible to organize tours according to individual programs.

Specify details at the manager-operator, or ask questions by mail.
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